The Chicks Hit Liverpool...

Apologies for the quiet couple of days.. for those of you who don't follow me on Twitter you may not know that I was on my BFF's Hen Do this weekend in lovely Liverpool! This is going to be a bit of a long'un but bear with me!

I wanted to dedicate a blog post to our trip as we had such an incredible time and there are a few people I think should get a shout out for making Lauren's dream weekend possible.

We enlisted the help of Stag and Hen Liverpool to help us create the perfect plans for our group and boy did they deliver! Mike over at Stag and Hen Liverpool is great, super informative and nothing was too much trouble. We had changes to numbers, activities and all sorts and Mike just dealt with it quickly and effectively and completely took the stress out of liaising with numerous suppliers.

Mike prepared a proposal for us and we opted for 2 nights stay in serviced apartments, with the first night being a pamper party, a glam lunch on the Saturday and a big night out on the Saturday night. We paid up, selected our treatments and cue some very excited hens...

The beauty of using Stag and Hen Liverpool was that they were happy to help but put absolutely no pressure on us to use them to book other things through them which I really really liked. In trying to decide where to go on the Saturday night, I asked Mike what he thought of a few clubs and he was happy to help me with information which I thought was really nice.

We arrived last Friday to the Posh Pads at the Casartelli and the excitement built as we discovered how ruddy gorgeous it looked and that was before we even got into the apartments! We checked in and the lovely Natalie greeted us and informed us that one apartment was nicer than the other (for the bride) and as I clocked the word 'penthouse' at the top of the check in form I was gleeful! We went into the other apartment first and were very shocked at how lovely that one was aswell!

We had a hot pink apartment that was so beautiful (I unfortunately can't find it on their website) and the penthouse was New York themed. I will be honest when we walked into both we all screamed and ran round them checking them out. I couldn't WAIT until the other hens arrived and saw the amazing surroundings we would be spending our weekend in!

The Spa people arrived and gave us treatments in the comfort of our apartments, we all tried to get a fairly early night as our Saturday would be rather busy! The apartments were literally in the most perfect location, within Liverpool one and a 5 minute walk to the Albert Docks. We got glam and headed to our lunch at Gusto on the Albert Docks which again was so lovely!

The next stop on our tour of Liverpool was to So Coco Rouge, a perfectly formed Make Up and Hair and Beauty Parlour ran by the amazing Sian and Robyn. This place is adorable.. if So Coco Rouge was nearer to home I can imagine that I would need to just set up a monthly retainer for their services as I literally cannot sing their praises enough!

7 of us booked in for curly blow dries with the lovely Kelly.. it was a night in Liverpool after all! And as soon as the bride got her makeup done another 4 of us got makeup envy and were made over by Sian and Robyn. I have to say I think our trip to So Coco Rouge really made the day special and got us excited for our night out. I had Sian do my makeup and it was literally everything I could hope for and more, it was very 'me' if that makes sense and I was delighted with the results, as were the other girls.

We headed back to our apartments to slip into our LBDs (LWD for Lauren!) and awaited the arrival of Fabio.. our special stripping guest! We had drinks and lotion applications on Fabio, raucous laughter, have you ever I have never, strip videos and general merriment before heading out to Circo where we had booked a booth!

I booked the booth direct with Circo and it was £300 minimum spend for up to 15 people in a booth area which was perfect. As far as booths go I felt this was good value for what we got and again we received great service from really friendly staff. The night's memories get a little hazy but I can genuinely say we earned our hangovers the next day! :o)

To sum up I just have to say what a superb weekend we had and I know that is because of the fantastic service we received from the people involved and the lovely bunch of hens we were there with.

There are memories (and videos!!) which I will never forget and I *hope* that we gave Lauren the very best hen do.. I am positive that we did! If you are thinking of holding a Liverpool Hen Do I would 100% urge you to do so as it was an incredible weekend!

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