SweetieSal's 1st Birthday!

Last Thursday night (21st February) was my Blog's 1st Birthday!

What started off as a hobby has very much become a part of me and my weekly routine and I am still very humbled and appreciative of the fact that people take the time to read my work. I am always so touched by your emails, comments and tweets - I read all of them and feel so lucky!

I have enjoyed some amazing events, treats and opportunities over the past year and I really hope to build on that in the next 12 months, including making my way on to YouTube at some point! I *probably* need to learn how to edit videos first of all though as otherwise they will be full of bloopers...

Sunday was my actual Birthday and I spent the day fairly quietly after a weekend away for my friend's Hen Party.. yep I was on ANOTHER one!

I was treated to my favourite dinner made by my lovely Mum - beef wellington incase you were wondering, and then opened my pressies :o)

I celebrated my Birthday with my pals on Thursday night and was so shocked to receive the above cake! It was red velvet and made by the extremely talented Jelly Tots and Dolly Mixtures who are based in Sale, Manchester.

So here's to another 12 months of SweetieSal!

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  1. Amazing cake, tasted as good as it looked! Love loz x


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