#HPMFLW Superdry Make Up

The Handpicked Media London Fashion Week event spanned two days and whilst I could only attend on one of the days, some fantastic brands exhibited their products on the Friday when I wasn't able to make it.

Introducing.... Superdry Make Up! The collection includes tools as well as makeup treats, all designed in true Superdry style with flashes of neon and clean lines.

There are brights and the more classic shades available and Superdry fans can add nail polish, lip glazes, lipstick, eyeshadows, blush, bronzers, eyeliners and mascara to their make up kits along with tweezers, brushes, mirrors and nail tools - so there is really something for everyone!

The collection will be in stores from February 2013 (that means you can get your mitts on it now!) and the price points range from £2 - £20. Bargain.

I for one can't wait to have a play with the range - I rather like the look of the neon pink kabuki brush and the lip glazes! Will you be stocking up on some Superdry bits and bobs?

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