Be a Bombshell this Valentine's Day!

It's awards season, which means I end up bulk buying the Magazines to peruse the good, the bad and the downright ugly in formal dresswear and dream about being able to sashay around in a similarly fabulous frock.

With Valentine's Day coming up and various parties, events, and potential proposals(!) I thought I would re-introduce Girl Meets Dress to my lovely readers to get you kitted out in something incredible for any upcoming parties.

Girl Meets Dress is a simple concept, you have the run of a huggggge virtual wardrobe literally packed with the most dreamy dresses you can imagine, and you pay a rental fee for a 2 night or 7 night hire of the dress.

So if you have drooled over a little number that costs not such a little number you can still make the dream a reality by hiring the dress. I mean let's face it some of these designer frocks are so expensive to buy and realistically you probably wouldn't ever be able to whittle the cost per wear down to something reasonable so why not treat yourself to an affordable way of wearing something a little more special than normal?

Here are some of my favourite dresses from the site;

So go forth and get your amazing dress and knock your sweetheart dead.. and if there is no sweetheart then don't let that stop you... get out there and show your foxy self off!! :o)

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