My Favourite Things to do in London..

Spitalfields Market // Brick Lane Market // Covent Garden
Another day, another post dedicated to the city du jour.. London.

My love affair for London goes way back to when my parents had an apartment there and my sister lived there for 5 years which meant trips to London were quite frequent and gave me a homely sense of the City.

It really now does feel like a second home and whilst I never manage to get round and see all the things I want to see and walk through and experience, I have some very distinct favourites that I have to do almost each time I visit!

The ultimate London thing for me is Spitalfields Market on a Sunday, it pretty much always starts with a breakfast at Giraffe before a wander round the stalls and shops in this fit for purpose location. I absolutely love it at Spitalfields - I love markets in general and not always to even buy from, but Spitalfields always has a little treasure waiting for me! This time it was a gorgeous dark red slouchy jumper (not pictured) with ruby swarovski hearts on it. I have it in mind to wear this weekend for a hen party I am attending!

Something I have always wanted to visit is Brick Lane Market and this weekend I finally got there! Slightly more eclectic than Spitalfields but a fantastically buzzing atmosphere all the same. There is an abundance of food stalls so bear in mind if you go when hungry you will no doubt be spoiled for choice! I got some gorgeous Chanel style earrings that I am in love with, along with a Cartier style bracelet and the most divine red velvet cupcake I have had in a long time!

I haven't been to Covent Garden for a long time and was thrilled to have an excuse to go due to it's close proximity to One Aldwych where the #HPMLFW event was held! I wandered to the David and Goliath shop to have a little look at the Pug PJs which were very cute but ridiculously expensive, I also stumbled across a Laduree Shop where I *almost* caved and bought some Macaroons but remembered I have two bridesmaid dresses to try on this week. Finally I saw the love lock installation much like the bridge in Paris!

Finally last place I always go in London is Balans Restaurant in Soho. It is my favourite restaurant ever (I even went to the one in Miami!) as it has a fantastic atmosphere, yummy food and cocktails all at very reasonable prices!


  1. That second hand furniture shop on Brick lane is fantastic! :) Love Henstuff x

  2. Looks gorgeous! I'm planning a shopping trip with my mum in the summer thanks to this post now :)

  3. I've only ever been to London once, and that was spend at the BBC centre and Westfields. Going to make lots of trips down this summer. Love all the pretty photos xx


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