Many people love getting away from it all for the weekend by taking a trip somewhere new. But how do you do it in style? That’s the topic of this post. We look at some of your options and how to make the most of the adventure.

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Choose a stylish ride

The first step, of course, is to choose a stylish ride. You want something that’s going to meet your trip’s requirements and ensure you can do everything you want to do. 

For example, if you’re taking a trip into a national park, you might need a 4x4. These are fantastic for cruising along dirt tracks and muddy fire roads, and you can take them off the beaten track to explore further. 

For city breaks, you might want to rent a classic car, like a Jaguar E-Type with an open-top roof. These let you feel the fresh wind running through your hair while you cruise along the motorway enjoying some sun. 

There’s also the luxury option. An Audi A3 for sale gives you modern conveniences so you don’t wind up too hot or cold. 

Finally, you might want to pick a motorcycle. These are ideal if you want to travel light or weave through heavy traffic in destination cities.

Pack everything you need

The next step is to pack everything you need for the ultimate weekend. Don’t forget anything so you can avoid having to buy it on the way!

Start with comfortable and stylish clothes. Make sure you have everything you need for your itinerary, from blankets to keep you warm to heels for nights out on the town. 

Next, bring luxurious toiletries with you. These help you enjoy yourself more in the shower or when you take a bath at the hotel. 

Finally, put everything you need for the short trip in a duffel bag or canvas tote. Don’t forget to bring your dressing gown, slippers, and other home comforts to keep you happy on the road.

Plan your stops

After you’ve packed everything, you’ll want to plan your stops. Knowing where you’ll take a breather can be an excellent way to enjoy the route more. 

The best road trips involve various types of accommodation. The first couple of nights you might want to stay in hotels, while after that you go glamping or rent an Airbnb.

Pick stop-offs that match your desired ambience and fit neatly along your route. Avoid situations where you need to drive for many hours to get to destinations that close early (nobody wants to feel stressed on a getaway weekend). 

Also, choose locations that provide on-site activities. These can make your life so much easier.

Bring plenty of food

Lastly, you’ll want to bring plenty of food with you on your road trip. Being able to enjoy all the best items makes trips so much more fun. For example, you could pack gourmet recipes and cook them on a stove while camping, or just bring snacks to keep you going on the road between restaurant trips.

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