So you've decided that you want to quit your job, pack your stuff, and travel the world. You're not alone. Plenty of people do it every year, and it's why it's such a popular thing.If it's ever been on your bucket list to just drop everything in your life and just go and explore and you have the means to do it, then you are on the right path. The best time to do it is of course when you don't have to bring kids with you, but if you do plan to travel the world there are things that you need to get in line before you go. 

For example, you might be renting or you might have a mortgage on your home right now. If you're not planning to rent your house out fully furnished, then you might need a storage unit for all of your furniture until you decide to come back. If you're renting right now, then you still need somewhere to put all of your belongings while you travel, and it's definitely one of those things you have to think about early. What else do you have to think about before you decide to travel the world? Let's take a look.

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  1. Put together a trip itinerary. This is actually one of the most fun parts about planning your trip around the world. You need to think about where you'd like to travel and also the convenience of it. Making sure that you are traveling one way around the world is important so that you're not flying backward and forward. You also need to consider if you decide to go to Europe, you could probably get a train or drive across a lot of it. How you want to travel will be a part of your itinerary as well. A lot of people like to go one way from the US or from Australia and just keep following that line until they end up back at their home base. You can see as many things as you want to see, but the true question is what would you like to see as you go?

  2. Look into the visa options. It would be lovely just to be able to travel wherever you'd want to go, but almost every country has its own rules and regulations about what visas and paperwork you need to be able to be let in. It's a good idea to make this as part of your itinerary so that for each place that you go, you can tick off that you have the right paperwork and visas.

  3. Do you need vaccinations? If you are planning on traveling across countries like the ones you find in Africa, you may want to get vaccinated against yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis A&B and receive some tetanus boosters. Some people also receive vaccinations against polio and against meningitis. It is a good idea to go and speak to your doctor to find out what vaccinations you would need depending on the country that you head to.

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