The latest fashion look, or eyebrow technique is great to know about - but if you didn’t already know, the new best thing is positivity. Not only can you wear it, but you can also speak it, act it, and spread it.
Here's how you can get some.

Use positive words to describe your life.

The words that we use in our daily lives has a huge impact on how we see the world, and ourselves. If you are always one to say that your life is boring and dull - of course it will be, you're making it that way every time you confirm it. Instead, when you wake up and have a conversation with yourself in the shower (like all of us do!) say that today is going to be a good day. Even if the sky is dark and grey - the birds are still singing, the grass is green, you're breathing, and you're having a wonderfully hot shower that, of course, makes everything so much better. Your mind listens to the words, so choose them more wisely.

Keep your body moving.

Exercise isn't just to keep you in shape and allow you to wear that gorgeous blue dress for your birthday. It's also a way of keeping your mind healthy and fit too. Look at Zumba fitness dance in the gym for example; it's a group of like-minded people that join as one and have a boogie to some funky music while laughing away any troubles. This is also due to a little chemical called endorphins that are released and make you feel happy. So call up your girlfriends and make it a date. You won't be let down.

Just. Breathe.

The act of breathing is so underrated. We just do it because that's how our bodies work. But breathing is completely connected to our emotions. For example when we're angry or distraught, or breathing speeds up and our heart races - that's the way our body reacts to different emotions. So the next time you feel this way - breathe. Breathe through it all. You tend not to think about it when you're trapped in a moment, but by focusing your mind and taking deep breaths in and out, you will be able to take full control, and you will soon see how that affects the way you’re feeling. So fill your lungs with clean, crisp, positive air. You will feel so much better. And it will get better…

Replace the word have with get.

Think about it, when you formulate sentences, what do you say? I have to see my parents. I have to go to work. I have to pick up my children from school. I have to go to sleep. - Now change the word have, to get. I get to see my parents. I get to go to work. I get to pick up my children from school. I get to go to sleep. How are lucky are you? Do you see how just one measly word can change so much and put things into perspective? ... Nothing more needs to be said.

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