A couple of weeks ago I was treated to a lovely breakfast date with Selfridges and Carven Parfums.

Introducing the new collection of 7 fragrances, we were transported around the world to learn about the inspiration that lead to their creation plus a little history on Carven as a brand.

Madam Carven was really very forward thinking and some of the tales we heard were so interesting! Carven was one of the first designers to be asked to design air hostess uniforms and also one of the first to provide perfume samples, even dropping them out of a plane over Paris with little parachutes!

There are 7 fragrances which were influenced by places Carven visited as inspiration for her collections and fabric patterns, from Florence to Sao Paulo, Seville to Bangalore and beyond, each fragrance is also decked out in the corresponding vintage fabric.

Selfridges kindly gifted us our fragrance of choice and I went for Bangalore which is the most beautiful mix of vanilla, sandalwood and amber. They are not cheap at £140 a bottle but it is eau de parfum which is much more concentrated and lasts so much longer on the skin. I have genuinely never had so many compliments or questions on what I am wearing either!

The fragrances are exclusive to Selfridges and I would urge you to go and smell them. There wasn't one that I didn't like and I am usually very fussy when it comes to perfumes.

Thank you once again to Selfridges and Carven for the most lovely breakfast date and for the generous gift. It is my new fragrance fave!!!

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