I am a firm believer in taking time out and giving yourself some TLC and the lovely folk over at Jet2Holidays do too.

With work seemingly creeping more into your personal time with the arrival of smartphones, laptops and generally working more hours, it's very important to set aside some time to chill out and avoid burnout. I thought I'd tell you all about my tips for de-stressing and making time for yourself!

Diarise your Me-Time

You manage your diary time at work, but do you block out any time for yourself? If you don't then do! I find that I tend to stick to my plans more when they are in my diary. This doesn't just have to be chill out time, it could be time to go to the gym, go for a walk or even blocking out an hour to read a book.

Colouring for Adults

Much like the above 'Cities in Colour' book from Jet2 I have to be honest, I was so sceptical about colouring in being relaxing but it really is! If my mind is properly over capacity from a meeting or information packed day at work, one of my favourite things to do is put on something a bit brainless, Real Housewives of Cheshire does the trick for me (insert sarky emoji) or some music and I colour in. It's like a stop gap to calm your brain down as it is still occupied but doesn't race away with all the work bits and bobs!


This is quite a personal one as some people just don't like to pamper too much and be fussed over whereas I am more along the lines of PAMPER ME ALL THE TIME 😍

I love to pop on a face mask, use essential oils and try and unwind, I think it is so important for your general productivity and mental health.

Sleep Wonderful Sleep

Something I feel I never get enough of, sleep is one of the most amazing ways to ensure overall good health and wellbeing. I also find I sleep SO much when on Holiday, must be the comfortable bed in the hotel and the change in air and scenery!

I Be Drinkin'

An obvious one but keep hydrated! I am now in the habit of drinking so much water and when I don't I really notice the difference - particularly in my skin but also on how I feel in myself. If I reach the heachache stage of de-hydration then it's game over *sad face*

Much as I love coffee I do try and reserve coffee drinking to the morning as I feel like having caffeine too late affects my sleep!

A Change of Scenery

Like I said, a change of scenery is great to give you something to look forward to, a bit of fresh air in the lungs and breaks up the daily grind. I try and incorporate a few holidays every couple of months just so that I get the necessary rest that I need. I am currently eyeing up City Breaks with Jet2Holidays so stay tuned if I end up booking something!

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