Who is the woman who you most look up to? We all have our own personal idols. Some girls may love pop stars such as Ariana Grande or Katy Perry, while others might love strong women from history such as Joan of Arc. But there is one woman in our life who takes the top spot when it comes to influential women: our mum!

If your mum is anything like mine, I’m sure that she will be completely strong and inspiring. But there will also be something else that she can teach you a thing or two about as well - fashion! Your mum will have lived through various different styles and trends already, and will know all about how to dress to flatter her shape. So why not ask your mother next time you need some great fashion tips. 
Here are some that she may tell you.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Bold
Mums are good at filling us with lots of self-confidence. And this is the same when it comes to fashion confidence! As our mothers will already have their very own fashion and style, they will know just how important it is to be bold and buy items of clothing that show off your personality. Don’t be boring and buy something that everyone else has. Buy unique pieces that are sure to get heads turning!

Comfort Matters
Yeah, sure those high heels look absolutely fantastic. But how are your feet going to feel after a few hours of dancing in them? Chances are, your feet are going to be in serious pain, and you might even develop some blisters! Comfort in fashion is very important. And not only when it comes to your feet - when you are next looking through a selection of women's lingerie or tight dresses, you should buy items that aren’t going to dig into you or rub against your skin. Generally speaking, natural materials are very comfortable on the skin, so try and buy items of clothing that are made from them.

Less Is Best
Is it better to be underdressed or overdressed? That is the big fashion question on most people’s lips. If you ask your mum, I’m sure she will say that the best option is to be underdressed. For instance, wearing way too much makeup could end up with you looking like a plastic Barbie doll! Ideally, keep your makeup natural and don’t go over the top with your outfit. Otherwise, you might get people staring at you for all the wrong reasons!

Keep Things Bright
Does your mum always prefer it when your outfits are bright and colourful rather than black or beige? She’s got a point! Wearing colourful outfit shows off a lot more of your personality and will always help you come across as a lot more bright and bubbly. So, when in doubt, always pick the colourful clothes over the black ones!

Our mums can teach us a lot of wisdom, but most of their best tips are in the fashion department!

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