'Before Microblading the therapist will shave off your brows'

'Microblading is really painful'

'You don't get any pain relief when having your eyebrows Microbladed'

'You get really bad scabbing when you have your eyebrows Microbladed'

'The therapist will just draw on hairs wherever they think'

'Microbladed eyebrows are really bold and dark'

I could go on with the various things I thought about microblading before I actually had it done. I think the biggest myth I thought was that they shave off yours to add in the hair strokes which couldn't be further from the truth! This post is all about busting those microblading myths following a fantastic appointment with Cara from Cosmetic Tattoo Manchester!

I liked Cara immediately when I met her and felt at ease, I asked ALL the stupid questions in my consultation and was confident Cara knew exactly what I was and wasn't looking for! In my actual appointment where blade hits brow, I was first of all smothered in numbing cream whilst Cara measured my face and marked up what she felt would be the most flattering outline to stay within and colour matched the pigment.

I love it when beauty becomes technical and Cara made sure I knew what she was doing at all times. When we had agreed on the brow shape and style I wanted, the other brow was marked up and then the first hair 'incision' made!

I'm not going to lie, I was slightly apprehensive as microblading sounds harsh just in it's name! Blades near eyes just don't go together for me but it isn't like a stanley knife like I was envisaging! A small flattened needle is more what I would describe the microblading tool as and it was probably a 2/3 on a pain scale out of 10! Cara goes over each brow 3 times and numbs and tints in between each go. The most uncomfortable part is probably when the tint and numbing cream goes on for the third time as your skin is feeling quite sensitive and it feels slightly stingy but that is probably for 30 seconds whilst the numbing cream works!

One thing I will say is that your first appointment is quite lengthy, but I would much rather someone took their time with something that is semi permanent! I was really pleased with how natural the end result was and I can't wait to go back for my follow up appoint to add in some finishing touches! I have perfect brows that need very little doing to them apart from a slick of clear brow gel to keep them in place. They are so subtly enhanced that people haven't really noticed anything other than commenting that my brows look great so I see that as a job very well done!

As for the days after the treatment there was no pain, no discomfort, a little bit of itching but an application of the ointment Cara gave me soon sorted that. The healing process Cara explained to me in depth as she said that's where she gets the most questions. As the pigment is put almost under the skin, it can appear as having faded alot as the skin closes again after being opened up. As the skin layers shed the pigment moves closer to the surface.

If you want to check out some of Cara's work then have a look at her Instagram Page and get in touch for a no obligation consultation 😍

I will do a follow up post once I have had my second appointment and report back, but for now I am just CHUFFED that my brows are permanently #onfleek!!

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