BURBERRY Leather Holdall / Yves Saint Laurent Beach Bag / Backpack Crossbody / Aranáz Pouch Purse, £68 / Top Handle Purse / Brown Leather Tote Bag / Longchamp Handle Backpack / ASOS Bag, £31 / Samsonite Foldaway Duffle Bag, £20 / ASOS Shoulder Bag, £22 / Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis, £1,380 / Lulu Guinness Lips Case

One of my favourite things about going on holiday is planning my wardrobe, luggage, accessories and basically everything...

Today's round up features some of my favourite travelling bags which are suitable for the trip itself, airport, beach, bar, shopping etc!

I like to inject a dose of colour into my 90% black wardrobe when travelling so whilst there are some rather lovely black bags above, I am loving the brighter colours, metallic leathers and kitsch pineapple from ASOS! Considering I tend to carry everything but the kitchen sink in my airport bag I need something that will fit all of my essentials along with the travel pillow, extra socks, big headphones, skincare and entertainment! 

What are your travelling essentials? Am I missing anything?

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