• Being a payday baller'... fizz all round thanks!
  • That expensive hand cream you slather on because it's the cheapest way to smell expensive..
  • Face Masks.
  • Carrying a cardboard shopping bag. Yep.. you have upgraded yo' damn self from the 5p plastic!
  • That daily coffee habit you have.
  • Dining somewhere nice, alone.
  • Staying in a hotel room for work on your own. Helloooo massive and usually very comfortable bed!
  • Having a blow dry.
  • New manicure = fierce nails = fierce self.
  • First class train travel for super cheap because you booked in advance and can legitimately feel smug.
  • Arriving at the airport dressed as though you are flying business class when actually your ass will be gracing EasyJet's finest Economy Seat.
  • Matching Underwear.
  • Anything with fur on (faux, obviously!)
  • Fresh bedlinen.
  • An M&S Dine in for Two. Even if you are just wining and dining yourself.
  • Anything personalised. 

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