Oh heyyyy sweeties.

So. I've been a bit under the radar for the last couple of weeks, still posting but posting the most non personal shizz I could possibly find. And the truth is, I've probably applied the same 'there in body but not mind' to pretty much all aspects of my life. (dramatic much?!) and enjoyed the distraction of work as I have been feeling a bit down in the dumps.

I'm not a huge fan of the overshare but just to give a general idea.. it involves a boy, who turned out to not be the nice boy I thought he was! But anyways...

In the spirit of feeling a bit more sociable today I thought I would showcase my other social media accounts other than my old faithful Twitter. I LOVVVVEEEEEEE Instagram and it helps me zone out at night if I wake up or have trouble sleeping. I find that reading over stimulates my mind so more often than not I can be found looking at pictures of manicures. True story.

As for Snapchat, I am not sure how I feel about it as a blog plug in/mini vlogging platform. I do try and use it but I think sometimes endless blogger mail opening can be a bit braggy so I always try and post some silly content in there to show that I really do not take myself too seriously. I do probably post one too many selfies but I just find the face filters so funny!!!!

I always follow back so please give me a follow on Instagram and Snapchat and I will love you forever :)

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