This weekend I was invited to take part in Fast Yoga with Lighter Life Fast at the Trafford Centre.

With the setup being slap bang in the middle of the centre, I must admit I was a little nervous about being quite so visible whilst I attempted my downward dog poses amongst other things... but it was a fun experience and I am glad I went.

Jennifer Metcalfe is the ambassador for Lighter Life Fast, a maintenance programme designed around the 5:2 diet where for 5 days you can eat what you want (within moderation), and on 2 days you fast using 4 products from the Lighter Life Fast range. I have never done the 5:2 diet as I think I need to budge some of my chub before I get to 'maintenance' but I can see that it could work really well for those who don't want to count calories, syns or points!

Gemma Merna hosted the Yoga session and we did all the classic moves which I found really quite difficult to hold! I am not very bendy and had a car accident last week so my poor muscles were screaming at me... sob story over. It's definitely made me realise that I need to take up Yoga or Pilates to try and stretch out alot more and feel calmer.

I had a really nice afternoon so thank you to Lighter Life, Jennifer and Gemma!

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