I have wanted to get my teeth whitened for AGES, so when the lovely folk down at Sale Dental Spa invited me down to have a look round and experience teeth whitening for myself, I jumped at the chance!

The Spa is situated in Sale which is easily accessible off the motorway and so nice inside, it definitely has the spa vibes rather than the usual clinical type dentist feel that most dentists have.

As the teeth whitening treatment I am having is something I will largely do at home, I had to go in initially to get some teeth moulds done so that custom fit whitening trays can be produced. I will collect those at some point next week and keep you posted as to how I am getting on!

I know my teeth look quite white in the above picture but in real life they aren't as bright as that.. they aren't majorly yellow or anything but I would just like to have that super white hollywood smile type colour to detract from my annoyingly not straight teeth.. they are the result of years of braces too!!!! Sad times.

Stay tuned for updates!

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