Gahhhh for winter lighting and having artificial lighting yellowy tinges to my pics! Anyways.. had to share these gems with you now didn't I?!

Despite the flack they get for being a bit copy catty.. Makeup Revolution is fast becoming a firm fave of mine due to them bringing professional style products to the masses. The bonus also being that they are very competitively priced too.

Their stand out products in my eyes are the palettes that are the cheaper alternative to the MAC Pro Palettes that everyone loves but realistically can be hard to justify the price of if you aren't an MUA. I love the concept of having lots of different shades to get my mitts on but my bank balance certainly doesn't love the prices of the MAC equivalents!

Whilst the two above palettes are technically blush palettes, the golden sugar one in particular is awesome as a multi-use palette and I have been whacking those beautifully shimmery and pigmented colours all over my face!

For £6 I really think these palettes are a bargain. You can contour to your hearts content, have a different colour blush every day or just be your beautiful self but with an extra sprinkle of sparkle all for a very cheap price.

So if you are out shopping this weekend definitely pop to your local Superdrug to check them out! You will not be disappointed!!!!

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