SweetieSal Slims: Cryotherapy Half Way Point

Last Thursday I popped into Nicky Clarke for my third Cryotherapy Session with the lovely Kelly.

This is starting to become my weekly treat that I *really* look forward to and with only 3 sessions left out of my 6 I am cherishing my little weekly freeze date!

Each session I have had some really good losses, as you know, first session I lost 4.5 inches off my stomach and hips area. The second was 2 inches off and last week it was 3 inches off! I have been able to keep the inches off which is brilliant :)

I have allowed Kelly to take pics of the progress on the second time (not that I wanted to see them as I hate my stomach) so *if* they aren't too bad I may post them in my final review post.. we'll see.

I literally hate my stomach area. It has faded stretch marks on it from my larger days and as I don't wear bikinis really that skin hardly ever sees the light of day. But I have to say this treatment is making me more tolerant of my tummy as the skin seems visibly tightened, the stretch marks have faded even more and it's generally just alot better than it used to be.

The treatment itself is lovely every time. So many people have been adamant that I must have a high pain threshold as 'surely your skin being cooled to -160 degrees is painful' and I repeat it really is in no way painful, uncomfortable, too cold etc. I don't like touching ice, e.g. scraping my car remains as a pet hate of mine as I hate the feeling of ice, but this isn't remotely like that.

You also don't have to have the treatment on your stomach, facials are extremely popular and backs of the legs/bum area. So wherever your zone of unhappiness lies there is a treatment for you.

I am all booked in for session 4 on Saturday and I can't wait! My Christmas Party Dress has arrived and I just know I will feel amazing in it :)

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