Pure Clinic Bliss

At the weekend I headed to Pure Clinic on Lloyd Street in Manchester for a well overdue back and neck massage.

As you may have read, I am currently suffering with a shoulder impingement (ouchie) and this in turn makes my back and neck super tight as they tend to over compensate for my shoulder workings!

Also I have found that sitting at a desk makes things a little more achy (in my old age) hence why a good knead of the back is just what the doctor orders from time to time.

I was welcomed to the Clinic, went through my pre-treatment questionnaire and then settled on the bed ready to have my knots crunched away.

The massage was really lovely and relaxing, and I opted for a lemongrass scented oil which didn't leave me feeling too sleepy afterwards! As suspected, my neck and shoulder areas were extremely tight but after some movement and manipulation they have eased up and I am feeling a lot better!

The Clinic is part of a wider group who offer all sorts of treatments so check out their website which I have included in the picture caption. I can highly recommend them so if you are looking for gift ideas for Christmas then here is a suggestion!

Thumbs up from me! :)

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