The Bloggers Made Me Do It

I love seeing all the amazing creative content that Bloggers produce every day. It is inspirational and often makes me *immediately* lust after the product in question or make me behave in exactly the same way... anyone else guilty of this???

Here are a few of my 'jumping on the blogger bandwagon' moments;

  1. Frequent use of emojis and desire to own anything with emojis on it.
  2. London Fashion Week - I just had to go!!!
  3. That cute brunch set up with your best pal? DON'T MOVE A THING. It ain't gonna instagram itself!
  4. Revlon Colour Balms.
  5. Acrylic Makeup Storage.
  6. Liz Earle Hot Polish Cleanser.
  8. All the gear and no idea. I have ALL the priming and contouring tools under the sun. Do I use them? Nope. CBA.
  9. Marble. I haven't succumbed to this one yet but it's only a matter of time with the imminent arrival of H&M Home at the Trafford Centre!
  10. Lace Up Flats. Everyone, literally EVERYONE, has a pair. Me included. Obvs.
  11. A hefty iPhone Photos Album with an inexplicable mix of visually pleasing memes, quotes, scenes and products. Oh and a borderline unhealthy amount of selfies.
  12. A desk littered with mini cacti and/or succulents.
  13. Being physically incapable of walking past flowers without taking a few pics.
  14. Feeling cheated and a failure when you discover you *really* don't like avocado on toast.
  15. Fairylights, everywhere.
  16. Owning at least one of the Naked Palettes.
  17. Being a total Charlotte Tilbury fan girl.
  18. Buying an on the go iPhone charger because it is just unacceptable to be without battery.

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