Pre Marbs Midori Margaritas

Before I went to Marbs last week, I received a rather fun little bundle of holiday cocktail making equipment from the wonderful folk over at Midori!

Now, my experiences with Midori make me feel oh so nostalgic as we used to make cheeky lilt when I was at uni using midori and lemonade I think?

Anyways, it's been years since I have had the stuff, so when it came through my letter box I was keen to see why exactly Kim K has promoted it! I was sent everything I'd need to make midori margaritas, margarita mix, tequila, lemon and of course, midori. I chose to blend mine with ice rather than just shaking them up in my brand new midori shaker and me and my pal drank the night away whilst watching the rugby.

It is a sweet cocktail so I loved it! Fun and fruity, I definitely enjoyed being able to whip up something of bar quality in the comfort of my own home. Huge thumbs up from me and thanks so much to Midori for the kit! :)

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