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I literally couldn't wait to tell you all about the treatment I had this weekend at Nicky Clarke in Manchester Spinningfields!!!

If I am brutally honest, I probably wasn't really looking forward to this as it contained two of my pet hates. Extreme temperatures and someone touching my stomach. But let me tell you, I am literally blown away with this treatment. It is AMAZING!!!!!

Now, to put a little bit of context in, Cryotherapy originates from Japan, and this pioneering technology uses the liquid nitrogen-based freezing technology on a concentrated area to trigger a physiological reaction to cold temperatures.

With multiple benefits, including instant inch loss, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, acne reduction and pain relief, Cryotherapy avoids the full body shock of the Cryosaunas by treating isolated body parts; resulting in a relaxing, energising and refreshing experience.

Here is what Cryotherapy UK says about their treatment;
Cryotherapy reaches –160 degrees via a liquid nitrogen tank. The nitrogen is filtered and pushed out through a funnel in the form of an ice-cold vapour that is held by our professionally trained therapists, who gently massage the treated area to keep skin warm during the treatment.

When the sub-zero temperature covers the skin, the sudden drop in heat stimulates the temperature receptors, prompting the brain to transmit messages throughout the body. Your Capillaries (blood vessels) then undergo severe vasoconstriction to protect the essentials organs and the core temperature from dropping.

While the skin continues to feel the ‘freeze’ the body is sending signals back and forth to the brain, these messengers tell the brain if there is damage to the tissues or bone, or if there is excessive fat cells or cellulite or lack of elasticity, collagen or skin damage. If there are excessive fat cells and cellulite, the fat cells will collapse at a warmer temperature than healthy cells, which reduces the density of fat giving the desired loss in body density and dress sizes.

Further physiological and biological reactions to the drop in temperature are the fight or flight response, which increases the metabolic rate and endorphins. The metabolic rate speeds up and burns between 500-600 calories over the next 24 hours and the increase of endorphins gives a natural emotional high and increase in energy.

Once the skin is able to warm up again vasodilation takes place, where the vessels open up and become wider again. This is similar to floodgates opening, the lymphatic system floods through delivering all the healing proteins, collagen, anti-oxidants – all that the body needs to repair the area, while simultaneously removing all the toxins and inflammation that may have been causing any pain or skin irritations. It’s like your body is able to hit a ‘reset’ button!

I read all this and was like wow will this be as good as it sounds??

And my answer is 100% yes.

I chose to have my Cryotherapy on my stomach as quite frankly I hate it. It's where my body stores ALL THE CHUB, and I had high hopes about what this treatment could do for me.

I sat with my therapist and ran through some pre-treatment questions, we then measured my tummy and I got settled on the bed ready to be frozen. I had asked the therapist if it was painful or uncomfortable and she assured me it wasn't. She likened the treatment to a cold breeze and I have to say this description is bang on.

I thought to myself if it works then I can deal with a bit of pain (can't be any worse than a bikini wax) but I genuinely felt nothing that could be described as pain in the slightest. Your skin is initially cooled down so it's not too much of a shock and then it is cooled right down and the vapours blown over the treatment area. It doesn't feel half as cold as you know it is. The skin is regularly massaged and then the treatment is finished off with a sculpting massage to promote lymphatic drainage.

I really did enjoy the treatment very much. You do feel energised and great afterwards and I am DELIGHTED that I lost 1 inch off my high stomach, 2 inches off my waist and 1.5 inches off my hips.

I can't wait to get back in there to be honest and in the run up to my 2 Christmas Parties I am looking to shift a few pounds and feel my best in my party attire. #ADressToImpress was 2 years ago and seeing all my facebook memories of the run up to it and how much work I put in has inspired me to crack on this year too.

I have 5 more treatments to enjoy so stay tuned for how I get on :)

If you want a piece of the action then get in touch with Cryotherapy UK either by phone: 0330 111 4077 or on email: ask@cryotherapyuk.co.uk

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