Bedroom Bliss - Curtains

I really don’t need an excuse to publicly declare my love for my bedroom, but with winter fast approaching, let’s talk about how to set the perfect sleep scene.

Let’s start with lighting. For me, before you artificially light a room, you should start with working with the natural light. Light can be an important factor in getting a good night’s sleep, so you need to maximise what you and also get yourself a good set of curtains up at the window so you give yourself the best possible chance of catching a few Zs!

Curtains are important because if you are sensitive to changes in light, it could be disturbing your sleep. I absolutely adore a nicely dark room, particularly in hotels with black out curtains and a super comfy bed! The good news is you can easily achieve this at home by investing in the right curtains. Many retailers are now producing ready made curtains so all you need to worry about it measuring up and getting them hung! Yorkshire Linen's ready made curtains are a good pick.

Likewise, bedding can also have a massive impact on your sleep. Being too warm or too cold can interrupt your sleep and make you an absolute delight(!) the next morning!

I’ve found I have to have cotton bedlinen after a rather nasty skin reaction to a set which had a shimmery overlay on the pillow. This left me with a scaly patch on my lower eye lid which was highly unpleasant! So for now and evermore it’s cotton sheets for me and I snuggle down each night with glee.

Once you have nailed the soft furnishings, it’s over to the accessories to create your safe haven! The themes and choices out there are endless. I personally prefer to keep things quite plain and neutral so I can change up the look of my room with the addition of a few key pieces, but the choice is yours!

What’s your current boudoir theme??

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