Urban Massage Review

You know when an email pops into your inbox and you do an internal, silent happy dance? Well this is what happened when I got an email from Urban Massage, which basically delivers a massage direct to your door.

If any of you follow me on twitter, you will know that I probably moan quite frequently in the early hours of the morning about my back or my shoulder, and to put that into context, I have been under the care of a physio for a couple of weeks now. I have a shoulder impingement which means my tendons and all the bits and pieces of muscle are super irritated and trapped which results in a very sore shoulder.

It has affected what I can do at the gym, makes my arm ache when I am sat at work at my desk and generally leaves me feeling pretty uncomfortable. On a bad day it can ache and hurt when I am washing my hair, pushing a toilet flush button or even lying on it the wrong way, and the body compensates by using other muscles to help you do things. This has resulted in generally a very tighty, knotty and unhappy back. I have a lumber support at work, foot rest and even with all that I can wake up and have such a sore back that it hurts to even turn over in bed (insert crying face emoji).

I knew that I needed to get someone to give my back a good pummelling so when I went on to Urban Massage, I was determined to get myself either a sports or deep tissue massage. When you input your address and what day you want, a list of the available therapists pops up, you can read a profile about them and select who you feel best suits your requirements.

I selected Megan and then eagerly awaited my appointment which I was able to get at 5pm on a Sunday. Megan arrived on time, very professionally dressed and brought her massage table and all equipment along with her. We ran through a client consultation card and then I settled myself down on the table ready to have my knots and tightness manipulated away...

Now, for massage newbies out there, I wouldn't recommend going right in for a deep tissue massage as they are designed to get right in to your muscles, can be pretty uncomfortable and cause tenderness afterwards. I knew exactly what I was getting myself in to and I can assure you that Megan is fantastic at this type of massage. I wasn't expecting a relaxing massage as such, and I had mentally prepared for the discomfort both during and after the massage.

After the hour was up, Megan advised that I probably would feel pretty sore and headachy and told me to drink lots of water to flush out the toxins. Trust me I felt pretty pants afterwards and I know damn well it's because my back was so bad. Monday was difficult to say the least. My back was tender, just as Megan had advised  and I just felt a bit meh all day. I toyed with cancelling my personal training appointment but figure moving my ass would probably make me feel better which it very much did.

Monday night I slept like a baby and my back has felt tons better ever since. I visited my physio on Wednesday and have been informed that my shoulder is much more mobile and he is impressed with the effect this massage has had on my progress.

What I loved about Urban Massage is that I felt really comfortable in my own home, knew who was turning up and that because I knew I would feel a little rubbish directly after I could literally get straight into bed.

I cannot recommend this app and service enough. It suits all, and if you have a bit of a niggle with back pain or want to have a relaxing treatment in your own home then it's perfect. You can double up and book two therapists at once so you and a pal can have an at home spa day, safe in the knowledge that you don't have to be thrown out into the real world after being in a relaxing spa.

You can download the Urban Massage app or book online, and sometimes even get an appointment in the next hour! Urban Massage also cater for workplaces too, check out their website for more details!

For £10 off your first treatment please quote RSALLYH5 when booking your appointment or click here.


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