Ooh La La: Elomi Lingerie

Today's post is a tribute to my brand new undies from Elomi!

Elomi is part of the Wacoal Europe group who calls brands such as Freya, Huit and Fantasie part of the fam! They specialise in making lingerie for all shapes and sizes and high quality to match! Now you will all know of my love for Freya as I have long sung my praises from the treetops, but I hadn't previously looked at Elomi.

As my cup size is probably what you would call on the larger size of the boobie scale I am used to other bras looking like comedy scaffolding rather than pretty and delicate (whilst providing some serious support) like Freya and Elomi. Having tried this on, it is such a lovely bra and instead of feeling like I have these ginormous norks, I feel supported and that I have a nice shape.

I can't tell you enough how important getting measured properly is and how you will not believe what a difference it makes under your clothes having the right sized underwear on. I to this day remember my first proper bra measuring at John Lewis where I went down 2 back sizes and up 3 cup sizes and looked a damn sight thinner!

Elomi have been shortlisted in the British Plus Sized Awards, fingers crossed they win!

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