Professional Beauty with Nouveau Beauty Group

September is the month of beauty for me as Professional Beauty's Northern Conference and Exhibition comes to town! Each year I register and excitedly await my trip to beauty mecca and this year was just as ace as the years before!

This year I was contacted by Nouveau to get booked in for a few of their popular treatments including an 'A-Lift' Facial and LVL lashes.

I had been feeling a bit under the weather so a little perk me up was very much needed :)

The facial was divine. I do like facials but sometimes I don't see how smearing about 10 different creams on your face can possibly do that much. A Lift is so simple yet so relaxing, it uses electrical currents to promote and stimulate plumper skin, along with lymphatic draining. Using two probes, I was treated to 30 mins of bliss where my face felt massaged and relaxed.

I look so much more chirpy and fresh faced in the days after and have really felt the benefits of it!

LVL is hands down my favourite lash treatment. I adore the look of extensions and whilst I would call myself semi high maintenance, the truth is that I just can't keep up with the maintenance and I like to really get all my eye makeup off before bed. That said, if I was having lash extensions which I would for really special occasions I would 100% get nouveau lashes over any other individual lash brands as they are outstanding.

So, extension rant over, LVL is a treatment that works with what mother nature gave you and is a semi permanent lash lift and tint. The process lifts the lashes from the root giving you the look of more dramatic lashes with nothing being added. The effects wear off naturally over time as you go through the normal eyelash shedding cycle. The tint really is so you don't need to wear mascara! In the picture I have uploaded above I have no mascara on whatsoever. My lashes look nicely curled and awake and I am always super happy with the treatment.

As always the exhibition side of Professional Beauty brings your favourite beauty brands at trade prices and also demonstrations of any new products. I genuinely always really enjoy going and am so grateful to Nouveau for my lovely Sunday pamper session!

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