Sweet Shower Treats

Anyone else enjoy stepping out of the shower and smelling good enough to eat? Just me?! Thought not...

Today's post is a shortie proclaiming my love for Treaclemoon Products.. I have long enjoyed using the Coconut/Vanilla versions as I pick them up from Tesco during my weekly shop, but when I saw Almond Tart I was ALL OVER IT!

Macaroons and cherry/almond scents are my ultimate love but you don't often see them! You can purchase Treaclemoon Products from Tesco and Waitrose Stores and there is a wide variety of flavours on offer and the shower gels normally retail for £2.99*. Each has a really cute description on the front too so be sure to have a read when you are selecting your smell!!

Treaclemoon is also proud to partner with BulliesOut, a fantastic charity that provides help and information to individuals, schools, workplaces, and community settings, to support a vision whereby all young people are able to recognise their self-worth and potential, and flourish in caring environments to ensure a positive future.

Treaclemoon support BulliesOut with monthly donations and have pledged to work with them this year, to help raise further funds and awareness of the charity’s work.

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