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Yes to Coconuts Facewipes - ASOS // Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess // Models Own Festival Nail Polish // SweetieSal Notepad - // Pain au Raisin Yankee Candles // Charlotte Tilbury Foundation // Rimmel Brow Gel in Blonde
Hey there pals!

Here are the bits and bobs I have been loving recently.. thought I would chuck a few of my HuggleUp pics on there too just to jazz up my photo :)

Yes to Coconut Facewipes - Ok I know the beauty bloggers amongst you will be like Sally noooo facewipes?! Really?! These facewipes smell AMAZING. Like suncream!!! When I just need a quick cleanse, these are my new go-to wipes. I got these on ASOS and I have serious amounts of love for them so please don't judge me and my lazy skincare.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess - I think this will forever be my absolute favourite scent of all time. It's just summer and sunshine in a bottle and one sniff makes me happy!

Models Own Festival Polish - I am a sucker for anything festival related as I am so excited for Parklife! This will be on my toes imminently and is part of the Festival Collection that Models Own have just launched. It took a lot of self control not to come away with the spray in hair colours aswell.

SweetieSal Notepad - The lovely folk over at sent me this lovely notepad and a matching mug all to fit in with my blog branding, feeling so profesh right now!!!!

Pain au Raisin Yankee Candles - Oh my god. Be still my beating heart. Part of the new cafe culture collection, pain au raisin is one of three new scents from arguably the worlds best candle company. The smell is amazing, not too sickly sweet, just welcoming and gorgeous!!!

Charlotte Tilbury Foundation - Now THIS, is worth every penny. I have never found a foundation that I have loved so much. This is literally the best of the best for me and it has made me so much happier with my skin and helps me achieve the flawless look that I have always wanted. Now at £30 it is a luxury, however a little goes a long way and the longevity of the product is incredible. I have to touch up my make up far less now and because my skin has always been something that I have been quite sensitive about, I am willing to pay the price!!!

Rimmel Brow Gel - This was something that I popped into my basket on ASOS as it was reduced to £2 and I had a voucher so I managed to get a good few goodies for £3 worth of spend! I am VERY pleasantly surprised by this as I have been using a clear brow gel for ages now, alongside my Benefit Brow Zings. I do like that product but it is quite dark and can sometimes make my brows look a bit too 'done' if that makes sense. I got the blonde version of the Rimmel Gel and it fills in the gaps and tames my brows very naturally. Plus, the price is so so cheap!!! I would really recommend this and the colour is a perfect match for me too.

What have you been loving recently?

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