It's OK.

I love posts like this where you can find out what quirks people have and feel a sense of relief that others are exactly the same.. here is my 'it's ok' list!

  1. It's ok to bulk up your fruits and veg intake by making a smoothie with greens powder and feeling holier than thou when you drink it.
  2. New stationery and a pinterest worthy desk? It's ok. People are often motivated by a nice, pleasant working environment so it's really for the good of your colleagues isn't it?!
  3. Ordering a Festive Drink with accompanying limited edition novelty cup just cause it's so instagram worthy. Who care if you don't really like the taste of gingerbread?
  4. Snapchatting a nice sunny action shot when you are out for a run. No one needs to know that you have literally spent the rest of the day on the sofa or in bed, ok?
  5. To gleefully buy inspo-quote pictures to hang in your room, when you know damn well that everyday isn't *really* a new adventure. I mean yes you will probably encounter a variety of weirdos on the bus but you haven't exactly embraced yoga or done anything remotely exciting.
  6. You have a drawer full of nice little pjs but for the most part you wear something baggy/comfortable/you'd rather no one saw ever for bed.
  7. It's ok to own 20 odd lipsticks but only actually ever wear 1 or 2. 
  8. Get into bed at 9.30pm and not even be sorry that you are happy to be there at that time and the long night of sleep ahead of you.
  9. Before you have even been somewhere you know you will love it. For me, this was Paris. I knew I would love it before I went and it did not disappoint. So there.
  10. To go out of the house in the morning smelling like a fruit cocktail because you have cherry shower gel, coconut conditioner and citrus scented perfume. What? I like to smell nice!!!
  11. To listen to a song over and over just because it GETS how you feel. You can also do that staring into the distance feeling all the feels and not be guilty about it.
  12. To feel a sense of organisation pride when you have matching tupperware. So profesh.
  13. You buy the special versions of bottles that a designer has co-designed just because you like the bottle. Hello Versace for Disaronno bottle, I am looking at you.
  14. Listening to Beyonce on the majority of your car journeys just to arouse a certain sassiness from within that will assist with whatever life throws at you when you reach your destination.
  15. If your idea of styling your hair includes surf spray and rocking the beach hair look, despite living no where near a beach.
  16. New gym gear? You are OWNING that gym girl!!!
  17. You feel a sense of absolute disgust when you are cruising instagram and someone posts a selfie saying new necklace or something mundane when it's CLEARLY a way of showing off cleavage or not wearing a great deal. Have some class please?!
  18. To love your long hair but then see a picture of yourself and think ok this sheet of hair needs taming. Pronto.

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