My ASOS Saved Items..

I ruddy love the ASOS saved items option on site. I like to create a wishlist and also if I know of an event coming up I like to get a few options on my saved items and then make a decision nearer the time!

Here are my current faves;

Iridescent two part dress in rose gold - this is a potential for a summer wedding I am going to but at £95 it ain't cheap!! Another perk of having the items stored safely in saved items is that I can be ready to act if a discount code comes along!

I love the colour of this simple baby blue shift dress. It's another maybe for the wedding..

I am going to Marbs in September so I am loving these lace beach trousers! I would most likely never wear them apart from on holiday so I have sneakily kept these in incase they get reduced.

Popcorn necklace - enough said. I love the stuff, so why not adorn myself with a tribute to my favourite snack?

Pineapple socks, I am totally on board with the pineapple craze and I feel I need these pineapple socks as another avenue to showcase my love for them.

This Freya Bra was a sale find, reduced to just £18. I love Freya Lingerie and this print is super pretty!

The Nude Backless Dress is another potential for the wedding.. I'm not entirely sure if the colour would suit me though.. another perk of saved items is that I am quite indecisive at times so having it in there for me to go back to and look at helps me make a decision!

LOVE this sheer floral jumper!

The khaki pom pom shorts are high up on my wish list. I am such a shorts fan and seem to have them in every colour way possible. They are my go to item for nights out and summer!

As I mentioned previously, I am off to Marbs in September and if the diet is successful I am really liking this cut out swimsuit!

Like a magpie, I am drawn to sparkly stuff and this embellished top is no exception.. I love everything about it!

Finally I have some simple gold pull through earrings in the mix, love the simplicity of these in a big way!

What are you loving on ASOS?

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