Think Money Blogger Meetup

On Sunday I was invited to Pizza Express as a guest of Think Money to network with other Bloggers in the North West area. Feeling slightly worse for wear after a late Saturday night, this was just what the doctor ordered as instead of spending the day feeling sorry for myself in bed, I got to spend an afternoon with some pretty damn cool people!

After the initial introductions, we headed into the Pizza Parlour to learn alllll about the art of pizza making, including the surprisingly hard dough flipping!!! After we all made our bases, we were able to select a choice of toppings and then we moved things up a notch and mastered Calzones.

A chef will have approximately four minutes to perfect a Calzone and let me tell you, it is actually quite fiddly and there is a definite skill to it! Once we had finished with our pizza making class we headed back to our table to chat and get to know each other whilst we awaited our cooked pizzas to arrive. I think the only time there was silence was when the pizzas were presented to us and I am pleased to say each and every one of us could have earned a master chef award for our finished culinary masterpieces.

After we had eaten as much pizza as we could fit in, plus the gorgeous cupcakes that had been laid on for us, we did a quiz which was hilarious! I am normally quite good at pub quizzes but I think the lack of sleep meant I was far from being on my A-Game on this occasion...

It was so nice to spend an afternoon where the focus wasn't so much on the brand and more about finding out about Bloggers, what makes us tick, how we incorporate blogging into our lives and alongside other commitments and I think that Think Money have set the bar very high in terms of a genuinely really enjoyable event. We will be working with Think Money moving forwards and introducing other bloggers to the network so please let me know in the comments below if you wish to be put forward! It was so nice to meet bloggers who I have never met before and I really like the concept of the Think Money project.

Thanks to Think Money, Pizza Express on South King Street in Manchester and to Laura, Emma, Charlotte, Georgina and Donna, along with Bryony from Think Money for a really lovely afternoon :)

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