My #ReebokChallenge: Half Way Through...

It's been a weird old week since my last post... and to quote Disney, Miracles do take time.. and time is what my body is taking to show me the changes that I have made to my diet and exercise regime!

One of the hardest things I think about embarking on a fitness regime or a change in diet is that the benefits are not always instantaneous. And my GOD am I impatient. I am exactly like one of those cliché pics you see on Twitter of someone being like, right I had a healthy breakfast, am I thin yet? We all know that ain't going to happen so I don't know why I convinced myself last week that my efforts weren't working.

I was well and truly fed up and thought that all of my hard work was not paying off, and that thrown in with not sleeping and generally feeling under the weather made me one unhappy bunny last week. I didn't really do any exercise and ended up going to bed in a huff most nights. That said, I did persevere with the diet as I knew that there couldn't possibly be any harm in continuing with what I was/am eating.

I went out for dinner with friends over the weekend and didn't drink (and felt a bit of a misery for doing so) and then by the time Monday came round, I was ready to attempt some form of activity so I tried my first GymCube class! After feeling a bit frazzled, I browsed through the different videos and opted for 'Candlelight Yoga' and it was great! Just what I needed and definitely sent me off to bed feeling sleepy, relaxed and nicely stretched out. For those of you who are thinking what on earth is GymCube, stay tuned for a dedicated post on that!

I bet you are all thinking... ok fairly negative post, where are we going with this?

The moral to the story is, have faith.

It's a simple enough message, but one I need to listen to more and I am prepared to bet that there are a lot of you in the same boat. It is so easy to read magazines about celebrities dropping their baby weight in six weeks or movie stars who have completely changed their body shape in seemingly record breaking time, but you forget that they probably can dedicate all of their time to it and don't have the day to day of holding down a full time job, prepping food for the next few days, cleaning out the increasing pile of Tupperware, cleaning the bathroom, etc etc etc. Getting fit is hard work and when you have been trying for a sustained period of time like I have, it can be so easy to just want to throw the towel in because the results are often a bit less dramatic.

It can be quite isolating aswell when you have made a commitment to not drink and EVERYONE is drinking around you, but ultimately it's the choice you have to make, do you want the changes enough to brazen out the 'why are you doing this?' questions and comments? The fact is, I do. I have picked a pretty hard 6 weeks to not drink in, but I really want results and sometimes you have to make sacrifices to achieve what you want. Of course I wanted a drink on Saturday, and having people be like 'oh god I couldn't do that', or ask you if you are pregnant (NO) or if I am mad, doesn't exactly make you feel great about it but at the end of the 6 weeks I will feel better about myself and what I have achieved and that means more to me than a couple of drinks.

So after all that, I had some mid way measurements done last night and in about a week and a half I have lost 3 inches off my total body measurements and a couple of pounds. So that just goes to show that these things take time and I needed to just have faith and be patient.

I am really pleased, if a little embarrassed about all the poor people who I moaned to that I was destined to be chunky... but hey ho. I'm only human. :)

Another two weeks to go on my festive fitness attempt! My special party dress I have selected from the Manchester Arndale will be revealed over the next few days too!

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