My #ReebokChallenge: Going it alone.. (for a week)

Nothing makes me more nervous than when I am left to my own devices with exercise.. Chris is now away on holiday for a week so I'm missing out on 2 training sessions over the next 7 days. I'm at the point with my training now that I enjoy exercise and it is an integral part of my weekly routine.
I can find myself feeling a bit anxious when I don't do anything (I think this is more to the fact that it's a break in my routine than being an exercise fiend) so I am going to try and not panic and look at ways I can exercise on my own a bit more.
I will be heading down to the 3rd Reebok Class at Intersport in Stockport tonight so if you fancy a half hour of getting your heart rate up, come on down and join in the fun! You can book on to these classes by clicking here.
Over the past week, me and Chris have been fine tuning what I am eating to see if we can kick start some weight and inch loss.
As a part of my #ReebokChallenge series, I'll do a post dedicated to what kind of stuff I eat, as I think it's really important to understand that getting fit and healthy isn't about restricting calories and buying everything you can get your hands on that says 'low fat'. I probably eat more than I ever have really and it's about finding the right balance for you in terms of what your body needs and burns in a day.
We have also put together a programme of exercise that should hopefully help me use my muscles to burn fat and achieve the results I want.
I have taken some dreaded 'before' photos, which I will be honest, was fairly traumatic. No one enjoys taking a particularly unflattering picture of themselves and considering I feel like I have got my selfie skills honed to a fine art, I was less than pleased with the results of these pictures. That said, I have to get a realistic picture of my body shape now and then hopefully in another 4 weeks I will have seen some changes.
I will keep you posted with progress and what I end up doing exercise wise to keep up my exercise whilst Chris is away!
Fingers crossed for good results as I have a VERY special dress to wear on the 12th December!! :)

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