My #ReebokChallenge.. 6 Weeks of Fitness!

For the past week I have been working on a brand new fitness project in conjunction with Reebok!

Reebok are passionate about bringing fitness to the masses and showing you that everyone can get involved with staying fit and healthy, no matter what level your ability is, your budget or the amount of free time you have.

Reebok have introduced free fitness classes around the country, I attended the first class in Stockport, Cheshire last week and it was a really great little blast to help me continue with my quest to an overall healthier lifestyle.

The Classes in Stockport are at 7pm on a Tuesday evening for the next 3 weeks. Why not come along and learn some exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home?

You can book on to these classes by clicking here.

I will be working with Reebok and a few special helpers over the next 5/6 weeks to achieve my fitness goals and I will be blogging about my experiences and results along the way.

As you all know, I currently train with Chris Main over at Elite Performance Fitness in Stockport. I have already achieved some great results with Chris so he will be responsible for upping my training ante and helping me burn as much fat as I can.

Paired with the training, Chris and Reebok Master-Trainer Kevin Foster-Wiltshire, will be using their shared expertise on my diet and hopefully between the three of us, we can help show that you don't need fad diets, meal replacements or anything unhealthy to achieve good results.

I have committed to working out at least 4 times per week, including the free Reebok class, not drinking and sticking to Chris and Kevin's diet suggestions and in 6 weeks time I will report back on how I have done.

I have two Christmas parties in December, along with my Birthday celebrations in February 2015 creeping up so I want to look my absolute best!

Stay tuned for what I get up to during the 6 weeks... :)

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Kevin Foster Wiltshire Website/GymCube
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