If you like Pina Colada.. in Winter

Pina Colada Fragrance: The Library of Fragrance £15*
There is nothing more depressing than when the nights draw in, the weather is cold and grey and summer just seems like a life time ago.

So when The Library of Fragrance got in touch a few months back, I was intrigued to have a look through the list of scents! I had heard of The Library of Fragrance and laughed at some of the smells on offer, (pizza anyone?) so in the spirit of market research I helped them out with my opinions on a couple of questionnaires.

In return for this I was allowed to select a fragrance to try. I love sweet summer scents, so the obvious choice for me was Pina Colada! As you may have read, I have committed to not drinking for six weeks and I am currently at the end of week four with another two to go! I have not missed alcohol really so it was quite funny to smell this as it literally smells EXACTLY like Pina Colada!!

Pina Colada is my ultimate fave from the cocktail menu so this is literally a dream smell for me! If you want to pick up a gift with a difference then I definitely can recommend The Library of Fragrance scents. You can purchase them direct from the Library of Fragrance Website where the full range is on offer, or, you can purchase them via Boots where a select few are on offer and you can buy two for £25!

I want more now! Coconut, Almond and Vanilla Ice Cream are calling my name... :)

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