Nouveau Lashes Review

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Ok I am not *entirely* sure why my pictures have come out making me look really ruddy faced and like I have a black eye, but please ignore that and look at my amazing lashes courtesy of Nouveau Beauty Group!

I went to Professional Beauty in Manchester last weekend and booked in as a lash model with Nouveau Lashes. I got up bright and early for my appointment last Sunday and met with the lash technician who asked me what kind of look I was hoping for. As I knew that the lashes would last some time, I opted for fullness and a more natural look and the lovely lady (I am SO sorry I cannot remember her name!) set to work on applying the lashes.

My lower lashes were taped down with an under-eye gel pad and then the individual lashes were applied to mine. One of the USPs of Nouveau is that they try and match the lashes weight for weight so there is not too much tension on your natural lashes. They are designed to fall out naturally in line with your own lash cycle and can last 8-12 weeks. The lashes were a tiny 0.07mm in thickness and they are the most amazingly natural lashes. I LOVE THEM.

I've probably noticed 3-4 lashes shedding over the past week but the technician explained that was normal and that they should last at least 8 weeks if not 12 if I was careful with them. You don't wear mascara with them and have to avoid using oil based cleansers.

After a week of wearing them I do have to say that they are incredibly comfortable and I would highly recommend them. On the website there is a salon finder so if you want to look into getting a set then have a look on there and you can find your nearest salon. It is also worth noting that anyone who trains with Nouveau is trained by the 3 top lash technicians in the country so you can be assured that you will be in good hands!

If you are trained in lashes already then there is currently an offer to do a conversion course for a mere £95!

Big thumbs up from me!

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