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Another post in the series relating to my weightloss journey!

Goal Setting has honestly been one of the hardest aspects of starting and maintaining my programme with Chris so I figured it might be for some of you aswell and therefore of interest.

I remember back in April I was given a goal setting sheet to complete, and I put on the various bits and bobs that I kind of hoped to achieve, like losing a dress size, wearing a bikini and getting into a nice dress for my sister's 30th. When Chris asked me to think about the whys and how I was going to do it and the time frame I thought I could achieve it in, I was *genuinely* a bit stumped. And for those of you who know me, I'm not often short for words!

Fast forward a couple of months where I have achieved all three to a certain extent and moved onto my latest goal of getting into my dream dress, I still find the process really difficult. During the women's nutrition and fitness seminar at Elite Performance Fitness, Chris covered the subject of goal setting and that it was sometimes helpful to create yourself a goal board. A few weeks went by after I had attended and I kept thinking about how I could keep my goal in mind and that actually he had a point with the goal boards.

I skipped on over to hobby craft, bought a canvas and various sparkly additions for my board and set about making myself a gym related to do list. It now hangs right across from my bed so it is the last and first thing I look at. Chris also told me that I should approach my decision making with regards to food and drink with an attitude of 'will this help me achieve my goal?' and that is what I am doing.

I think I have got slightly better at goal setting as I can decide what I want ok, I am fairly impulsive and when I have an idea in mind that's it then, I want it. My issue seems to be how I actually go about getting there.

The dress goal I think is different than any of the others as it is something purely for me. The others were for me in some respect but they were connected to friend's weddings, family birthdays, being a bridesmaid etc whereas this one is 100% MY dream. And quite honestly, I am worried about it. (There I have said it!)

I had a bit of back pain earlier this week, was feeling a bit hormonal and the dress goal seemed just too big to achieve. I had a real crisis of confidence and admitting to anyone that I am not overly confident about achieving my goal made me feel like a failure before I have even attempted to get the dress on! Not exactly the motivating goal I thought it should be.

I genuinely want this so much and I can completely appreciate that a lot of people they will think, 'good lord that is so superficial' and do you know what, it is, and I make no apologies for it. In fairness no one has criticised my goal, in fact most people are really interested in it and excited for me, but I also accept that I am in a very fortunate position where my worry is whether a dress will fit me.

In admitting that I need some help and a few pep talks along the way, I have learned things about myself. I do need a plan of action and I shouldn't be afraid of holding my hands up and saying you know what, I am not cocky about achieving this goal and I know that is will require serious dedication, some sacrifices and some hard work to achieve it. I am absolutely prepared to do so, but the less confident part of me is afraid of letting people down, most of all myself. I find stuff like this hard to talk about as I am naturally a 'glass half full' person, I blag, am confident most of the time and not feeling that way about this has kind of knocked me for six a bit. But I think that is ok too. Everyone feels down once in a while and I have taken on quite a big challenge, as I am sure some of you reading will have done too.

I have never really felt anxious about something I wanted and I can only put this down to the fact that I really must want it this time. I have dreamed about wearing a dress like this for pretty much the whole of my twenties and to have the opportunity to actually do so is both incredibly exciting but also fairly frightening. I am in the zone though and for once I am actually thinking about the end result rather than getting waylaid with the journey.

The current snapshot is that I have 6 inches to lose from my waist and approx 3 inches from bust and hips before it will fit me, and I have approximately 8 weeks to do it in. *hyperventilates*

Will I do it? Honest answer is, I really don't know, but I will be doing my absolute best to get in it and that will mean some hard work.  I am ready, but a few kind words along the way would help me alot! :o)

Likewise, if I don't achieve it then yes it isn't the end of the world but I will be disappointed!

If anyone is trying to write some fitness/weightloss related goals then all I can say is;
  • Dream big.
  • Don't by shy, you don't have to share it with anyone!
  • Ask Chris for tips - he is on twitter (link below).
  • Think about why you want it and how you will achieve it.
  • Display your goals so you get constant reminders about them, I have a countdown app on my phone along with my goal board that keeps it in the front of my mind!
  • Be prepared to make some sacrifices to achieve them, but know that it will be worth it in the end.
Once you have set your goals please comment below and get involved on twitter, we can all encourage eachother!!!

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