Window Shopping Online with Girl Meets Dress

Last week I was contacted by the lovely ladies over at Girl Meets Dress to collaborate with them, and pick out my top 5 Celebrity Dresses and discuss why they had caught my eye.

With it being Wedding Season at the moment, I thought I would dedicate a blog post to Girl Meets Dress. I have blogged about the company before as I think they have a really unique concept to bring you Celebrity/Designer/Couture Dresses at a fraction of the price.

Let's face it, us women can be very fickle and we don't love wearing something more than once, this is where GMD has completely opened up wardrobe possibilities by bringing you the styles of the rich and famous but without the price tag. If you have always wanted to strut along to a wedding looking incredible, but the bank balance won't afford you a Herve Leger, then why not hire one?

I will definitely be checking out GMD for my next formal event!

Check out more on my selections on the Girl Meets Dress Blog.

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