Adee Phelan Northern Quarter Launch Party


Last night, as well as the Beauty Event, I also attended the Adee Phelan Salon launch party in the Northern Quarter Manchester. Situated on Hilton Street, the Salon fits in perfectly with it's surroundings and will attract the inhabitants of the uber cool district.
Fronted by Rob Czlapka (who has been hairdressing since the age of 14!!), the salon is extremely uniquely furnished (hello flamingo toilet!) and deliberately shies away from the norms of other hair salons, who can at times be a bit clinical.
Upon first entry, you notice the bright colours and the fact that it is probably one of the least intimidating salons I have been to, there are lots of fantastic feature pieces that make you feel right at home. (I'm thinking specifically of the pug cushion that I really wanted to pinch!)
There is an underground cinema which will showcase old movies from September onwards for clients and movie fans alike.
The celebs all love a party -  this event was no different and attracted a few familiar faces, Brooke Vincent, Chelsee Healey, Marcus Collins and The Apprentice's Francesca MacDuff-Varley attended to show their support for Rob and Adee's new venture.
It was a great event, and it was really nice to see someone so passionate about what they do, succeed, and be able to achieve their aspirations. I am confident that the salon will do really well!
Amongst the most impressed was Adee Phelan who travelled up to Manchester for the launch and his first real glimpse of the latest franchise. He had nothing but praise for Rob and his team:
'Rob's a young lad, it's his first business, he's got some great clients already and we have some familiar famous faces here who have shown their support. I was 29 before I started hairdressing and to get so many people turning out like this when you are starting out is fabulous. Shop looks cool, location is really cool. This is the first salon I've not had an input in but I'm proud of it.'
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