Life after the #myfirstbikini Challenge..

Something to think about?
Losing weight is one of those things that everyone comments on with their wise words and what they have found to work but that is actually an incredibly personal experience.

No one can tell you to lose weight, you ultimately have to make the decision yourself or it just won't work, you will get tired of it and the fact that it can be ruddy difficult can be too much for some people if they are not in the right frame of mind. Take me for example, I have tried to lose weight in the past but it's just been the wrong time, I have not dedicated myself to it and I haven't enjoyed it so it's always been a bit of a half hearted attempt.

I challenged myself earlier this year to get to a stage where I felt okay about putting a bikini on and I wore said bikini in July.. I am by no means where I want to be fitness or weight wise but after that all finished it got me thinking about 'what next?'

I personally find goal setting really hard. I just don't know what I am aiming for, other than the fact I want to be smaller and this can be a bit of a pain when trying to set goals and objectives!

So what now? I have decided that I don't necessarily need a goal, other than I want to get to a certain dress size and then reassess, you don't necessarily have to have huge goals that feel like they are not achievable and I personally find that smaller ones work better for me. It is my aim to get there by Christmas and this is how I am going to go about it;
  1. Continue to document my journey on here as I figure that this is my site where I can refer back to it, keep motivated, be answerable to my claims and if this helps anyone else then that is fantastic!
  2. Stick with the clean eating. Don't get me wrong, I'd say I am well behaved for the majority of the time but life is too short to not have a cheat every so often!
  3. Personal Training will also continue and Chris can help me tailor my workouts as my strength and fitness (hopefully) improves! Plus Chris measures me and can give me hard evidence of how I am doing either way..
  4. Bootcamps - I genuinely never ever ever thought I would enjoy a circuits session/bootcamp as I can be like a petulant child if I don't want to do something. What I love about the circuits at Elite Performance Fitness however, is that you go at your own pace. It is equally as hard for everyone and like with one of my pictures above - 'it doesn't get easier you just get better at it' and I think that has been the turning point for me in terms of feeling comfortable to go to the class. Newbies - definitely come along and try it! The classes run on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays so just give it a go, there are lots of friendly faces and a lot of us go to the classes week on week.
  5. Gym it, alone. Eek. I feel like I am ready for this now. I have literally had to take exercising back to basics to learn how to do it properly rather than sitting on a bike for half an hour and thinking yep that's fine! Chris is going to help me with a programme that will complement my PT sessions with him and will hopefully mean I make quicker progress.
In terms of my weightloss journey, I definitely think I have made my first pit stop and I have certainly not reached my destination, but I am ready to continue and take it as far as I can. Without sounding like the gym's very own fan club.. party of one (I must add that this is my genuine opinion and I pay for my sessions like everyone else!), I think Elite is the best thing that has happened to me this year without a doubt.

The support I get from not just Chris, but everyone who works there, is really incredible and I think that has been the most important thing about feeling as though I can succeed at this because I am not doing it alone.

All of the trainers at Elite genuinely care about how you are getting on and that for me makes a complete change from the gym I used to be a member of. Your personal aims become the aims of the trainers and they make it as much their mission to help you get there as you do yourself!

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