#WeekdayWishlist 24 (A day late..)

All items from River Island
Firstly, sorry that this is late and we are actually on the weekend... but I figured better late than never and there's some goodies in here that may make their way onto your weekend shopping lists!

Blazer: I love how random this blazer is! The print is kinda crazy but paired with a plain outfit, I'm thinking this could look all kinds of cool.

Scarf Print Long Kaftan/Coat/Cardigan: I have no idea what you call these things where it's not really any of the clothing items I have just used to describe it. All I know though is that this one is particularly pretty and would look equally as fab paired with a little dress as it would a long vest and leggings.

Red Maxi Dress: It's probably a long shot to think there will be enough sun to wear a maxi dress again this year but seeing as I am the eternal optimist I will keep my fingers crossed as this is so lovely!

Cut Out BodyCon Dress: Seeing as the training and clean eating continues, paired with some serious sucking in pants, wearing bodycon is now an option! I like how simple this dress is and you could make it look different with each wear.

Wedge Boots: Here is the pessimist in me coming through. We may aswell face it that we are on a long straight road to Autumn and Winter and the best thing about this time of year is... a pair of glorious BOOTS. I think these would look great with black opaques/dress or skirt combo or with leggings. Very versatile but with some gold detailing they could be worn day or night.

Deep Red Necklace Dress: I would have to try this on to see if the ruching did my stomach region any favours.. if so then I heart this dress in a big way!

Emerald and Gold Earrings: My fave colour combo. Enough said really!

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