Please Vote for SweetieSal in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013

I know that every Blogger and their dog has posted about the Cosmo Blog Awards and I am sorry for being such a sheep and following suit.. HOWEVER those of you who have read my Blog or my 'To-Do List' will know that I have set myself the goal of hopefully one day winning a Cosmo Blogging Award so I felt that I wouldn't exactly be trying very hard if I didn't at least ask for you to nominate me if you enjoy reading my Blog.

I know I am a newbie to this so I am thinking Best New Beauty Blog is the most appropriate category but whatever you think really - just know that I will appreciate any support I am given and you potentially are helping make a dream of mine come true.

I write my Blog as a hobby and it's become one of my favourite things to do, pushed me to do things I never thought I would and encouraged me to try new things and in the name of one of my favourite songs, 'Just Say Yes' to projects, events, pieces of work, networking opportunities, bikini wearing etc.

I think life can sometimes become a little stagnant and you get caught in the daily grind of work, play, and sleep. I have found myself taking on projects that I probably would have written off or not even attempted before starting this blog and I think that can only be a positive thing. I am a complete dreamer and having a place where I can make my dreams a reality has been a welcome addition to my life.

Ok.. cheesy statements over. Please vote for me, I will love you forever... :o)

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