#MicellarBlindTrial with @Escentualdotcom

Last week I got a rather exciting email from Escentual telling me all about a great new trial they were launching, where Beauty Bloggers would have the chance to trial 7 (I think!) Micellar Waters.

For those of you who are thinking what on earth is Micellar Water, it is essentially oil suspended in water which can be used to remove makeup or refresh the face. I am personally completely converted to Micellar Waters after dabbling with the Etat Pur one and most recently the Bioderma Sensibio which I purchased from Escentual's newly launched French Pharmacie offerings!

I really love Micellar Waters as I have suffered with adult acne and sensitive skin in the past and I have found it to gently but effectively cleanse my face leaving me with the best skin I have had in a long time.

I am genuinely looking forward to seeing which Micellar Water comes out on top during the trial!

Have you tried Micellar Water? What did you think and what has been your fave?

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