Diamonds are Forever...

It's that time of year when wedding season is upon us, graduations etc and some of you may be purchasing or receiving some rather sparkly gifts..
It occurred to me that I know absolutely nothing about purchasing diamonds or what you should look for as I have heard all of my recently married male friends talking about how they picked out their engagement rings for their better halves.
Diamond very kindly have supplied me with some tips on how to buy diamonds to share with you - so hopefully they will come in useful if you are ever buying a glittering gift... :o)
When in the market for any diamond jewellery always make sure that you do your research. It’s easy to be swayed by pushy sales-people and low-lighting but be aware, that luxurious surroundings cost a lot of money to run and so therefore you can probably save money by purchasing your jewellery online.

Vashi Dominguez, Diamond Expert and Founder of offers some advice on what to look for when buying diamond pieces and passes on some money saving tips;
Do your Research

When choosing any diamond pieces, make sure that you are getting the best diamond for your money. Do your research on the 4 C’s (Carat, Clarity, Cut and Colour) and shop around for the best prices.
The 4C’s consist of:
  • The Cut
    The cut is the most important factor when determining value of the diamond. A good cut lets a diamond handle light well and emit sparkle. Grades of cut range from ‘Super Ideal’ to ‘Good’, ‘Super Ideal’ being the highest cut grade.
    In a well cut diamond the light enters the diamond and is reflected from one side of the diamond to the other and back into the viewer’s eye.  This light is called the ‘brilliance’. In a poorly cut diamond the light ‘leaks’ out the sides or bottom of the diamond, rather than being reflected.
  • The Carat:
    The Carat is the weight of the diamond. The higher the carat the higher the value and size.
  • Colour:
    The colour of a diamond is graded by how ‘white’ the stone is. Grade D is colourless and Z has a yellow tint. The whiter the diamond the greater it’s value.
  • Clarity:Clarity is affected by flaws known as ‘inclusions’ on or in the stone. Grades of clarity range from FL (flawless) to i3 (visible inclusions). The less inclusions a diamond has, the more valuable it is.

Know the Money Saving Tricks

Try to think outside of the box and look at the facts behind the value of diamond jewellery. For instance if you buy a stone that’s slightly under-size to the nearest round carat weighting e.g. 0.9 of a carat, you can save up to 30%.
Also anything that you buy now is likely to increase in value, so not only are you buying something gorgeous for yourself but you are also making a sound investment for the future.
Also don’t underestimate the value of after-care services, at Diamond Manufacturers we offer lifetime warranty as standard, which covers free cleaning, ring re-sizing, adjusting, prong tightening and rhodium plating at any time, completely free of charge, so this will save you money in the long-run.
Anyone else fighting an urge so spend some pennies on a bit of bling???

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