#HolidayHotPicks: New Look

Holiday Hot Picks: All from www.newlook.co.uk
With just 5 weeks to go until Marbella for me and seemingly every other friend of mine is either currently in an airport awaiting a flight out of the very grey UK.. or counting down the days until it's their turn to jet out of here, I thought I would peruse the shops and present my Holiday Hot Picks to you all!

As Marbs for me will be ALL about being glam (we are on a hen do!) my Hot Picks are probably glitzier than required if you were going somewhere a bit more off the beaten track, but hopefully still nice to look at!

I very rarely spend alot of money on my summer wardrobe as fashions tend to change year on year and let's face it, unless I can make it work in the UK then I think it can be a waste of money to splurge on stuff you might only get a couple of wears out of! My first Holiday Hot Picks spread is from New Look.

Holidays and nights out in Europe normally involve some form of walking, either to the bars or home or to the taxi rank etc so I tend to gravitate towards lower heels than what I would wear at home to avoid the crippled feet sitch when your footsies become hot, sweaty or swollen. New Look gets this right year on year and provides many a bargain shoe that fits the bill - all of the above pairs are under £20.

A pretty beaded bag will always be used during and after a trip away so here are a few embellished treasures that would look amazing. I don't know about you but I tend to be able to go out with less in my bag when I am on holiday as I think I reserve myself to the fact that the hair will probably go a bit frizzy, face a bit shiny and you will probably struggle to remain in the groomed state you were in when you were in the comfort of your air conditioned accommodation...

I have also picked out a jersey maxi dress - great for travelling and during the day, a nice floral dress for evening, a kaftan for jazzing up poolside wear and a beaded crop top, which I personally would pair with a high waisted skirt as the midriff is NOT looking ready to be bared anytime soon!

What's on your holiday shopping list?

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