Monday, 2 April 2012

Photo A Day April!

First of all.. BIG APOLOGIES for my delay inbetween posts I have been job hunting which all you job seekers will know is pretty much a full time job in itself! But no excuses I am going to battle through and keep blogging!

This week I have decided to accept the challenge of doing #photoadayapril with Instagram and Twitter! I was too late to jump on the band wagon in March so when I saw @fatmumslim had created another one for April I was determined to get involved!

The concept is there is a list of themes for every day in April and you have to post your interpretation of the word.. Today was colour so I decided to post something in my favourite colour! It's really fun to check out what other people post to fit the theme so I will definitely be trying to make sure I do the full month!

Is anyone else taking part? :o)
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