Sleep in Rollers... The Verdict!

So you may recall my rather excited post when my Sleep in Rollers arrived! I FINALLY got round to using them last night and was extremely pleased with the results.

I'm off to a fashion show tonight straight from work but start work from 8am. The prospect of waking up any earlier than I have to currently was just too horrific to consider so I had to do my hair last night.

I washed my hair, blow dried it til it was probably 80% dry and put my rollers in. I fixed them in using a sectioning clip as I have really thick hair and anticipated the roller wouldn't stay in very well... The rollers actually have really good velcro on them, they definitely stuck into my hair well (which is a feat in itself) but the clip gave me the extra peace of mind that they would stay in. I then put a hair net over them to ensure maximum chance that they would stay where I had put them in overnight! 

I am a fairly fidgety sleeper so just had visions of me waking up to a frizzy mess which would be traumatic to sort out pre 7am! I bought the nets super cheap from Boots- definitely under £1 for 2 nets. I then popped some hair spray in and got some beauty sleep..

This morning I took them out and was really happy with the result!

I have some observations though that I think would be useful and that I will do next time..

  1. I have a dip-dye so the ends of my hair are quite dry, I will definitely apply hair oil post drying but pre-rollering next time as my ends were a little frizzy when I took the rollers out. That was definitely just my hair though not as a result of the rollers.
  2. I can see that kirby grips to hold them in would probably be more comfortable, not that I experienced any discomfort from the sectioning clips but I did have slight concerns that one would become embedded in my scalp if I had a bad dream! I'm thinking of trying the longer kirby grips to make sure the hair is fully wedged on to the roller and then they really will be anchored onto my head!
  3. If your hair does frizz a little overnight with the Velcro and any sleep movement this is easily calmed with a spray in serum through the ends :o)
  4. Don't be scared! They feel quite rough when you first see/feel them but I cannot stress how much of a weakling I am with things on my head or in my hair and I had a very good night's sleep! Having had a weave previously and only lasting a month with it because it was doing my head in I would happily put Sleep Rollers in every night!
I have a before and after shot to show you.. 

 Me and my sexy hair net! Granny Chic is the next big thing!

Nice volumised hair.. clearly wasted on work..

So, don't delay get your sleep rollers! Here is a link to their website and twitter.. 

I paid £16.50 for 16 rollers and a bag to keep them in which included p&p. 

Only complaint I had was that they took a while to arrive but I was informed of that before I ordered.. It was more impatience than bad service!

Happy Hair Day!

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