Easter Weekend

Soo we are back into the swing of things post Easter break! Feel like I've never been off after a rather tedious day at work...

My weekend began with watching Street Dance 2 at the Cinema on Friday.. The dancing was great in it, very impressive however the script and acting in it were shocking. I'm alllll for giving people a shot and home grown talent and all that but seriously giving George Sampson one of the leads was a MASSIVE ERROR! Anyway, rant over.

Friday evening was pamper night ahead of my friend's birthday celebrations on Saturday night and mainly involved some serious tanning.. I was braving bare legs so needed to practically marinade in the stuff to make sure I got rid of my horrendously pale pins!

Ended up having an impromptu blow dry at the hair dressers on Saturday, bit of a random splurge but totally worth it.. I got gorgeously wavy locks created by good old fashioned Velcro rollers!

We started fairly early on sat night with lots of pink wine and nibbles before heading out to party! I bought my fashion obsessed pal a 'What to Wear' pad and a lovely MAC lipgloss called On a Holiday!
Rest of the weekend included family visiting, one hell of a roast dinner, BGT and some uni work.. I will be so pleased when it's all over!

What did you guys get up to? :o)

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