Walk this Way.. to #McrFashionWeek

Last Thursday Evening (12th April) I was lucky enough to attend the Mulberry Show at Manchester Fashion Week with my fellow fashionista friend!

Manchester finally hosted their very own fashion week and took over an empty building within The Avenue at Spinningfields where a shabby chic warehouse/loft style space was created, complete with pop up shops, bar and food stalls, along with the main show room.

Before we even walked into the show we were greeted with dramatic scenes from protestors outside of the venue who were demonstrating about using real fur and against Flannels clothing store. One man was being physically restrained by police inside and various chants were screamed whilst we walked in.

Bit difficult to understand what had happened at that point.. but where there is fashion there is always gossip and we very quickly learned that despite the fact Flannels had not used ANY real fur during the show, the man had jumped up onto the catwalk and thrown something on one of the models. Now, I have to stress that I do NOT agree with the use of real fur nor would I purchase anything made from fur but equally I do not agree with being made to feel uncomfortable or threatened by going about my daily life and I certainly do not agree with people throwing substances onto people - the poor model could have been blinded if what ever the person threw went into her eyes? Also I think it is VERY hypocritical when they were clearly all wearing at least one leather item... but anyway rant over and onto the show! 

In typical fashion show style it started half an hour late which was fine as the holding area was very 'New York style' loft chic and whilst I had thought I had dressed appropriately for the occasion I still felt very under dressed! Manchester's fashion fans were very much out in force! There was a DJ, Bar, Shops and artwork displays so it was a great little set up to keep everyone occupied in between shows!
When we were called up to the show we all took our seats (3rd row!) and enjoyed the Mulberry girls strutting their stuff.. there were approximately 8 looks in total and the theme seemed to be candy colours in a variety of fabrics and textures with some of the most BEAUTIFUL bags I have seen from Mulberry. Fresh colours and finishes with various embellishments. It was a shame, but the show felt really short and I would have loved to see a few more looks but I suppose it's always best to have your audience leave wanting more than being bored stiff..
One thing is for sure though, Manchester Fashion Week was a huge success and the shows which included River Island, All Saints, Miss Guided, Ted Baker and Flannels to name but a few were extremely popular. Caprice and Calum Best rounded the week off by showing their new ranges and overall I do think it's great that Manchester is showcasing itself as one of the fashion capitals of the UK.

I would really like to see the show grow next year with a more fit for purpose venue and hopefully even more brands wanting to take part! I definitely hope to go again if it comes back for a second year!

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